Prof. Lubomír Nátr was awarded the Josef Hlávka´s Prize

The foundation Czech Literary Fund awarded the Josef Hlávka´s Prize to Prof. Lubomír Nátr from the Department of Plant Experimental Biology, Faculty of Science, for his book „A Nature or a Man? The ecosystems´ service“. Prof. Nátr took over the prize on 18th June 2012 at the presentation ceremony of the Czech Literary Fund and the „Josef, Marie and Zdeňka Hlávkas´ Foundation at the Lužany chateau. Laudatio was held by Prof. F. Vyskočil, the chairman of the evaluation committee.

72 books were presented to the evaluation committee composed of 9 experts this year. During half year, the best ones from social sciences, inanimate nature sciences, life nature sciences and medical sciences were selected. For the first time, all works were in Czech. From the original 72 publications, 16 finalists were chosen. Prof. Lubomír Nátr was awarded the prize for the best scientific book in life sciences category.

 The Josef Hlávka´s Prizes for the scientific literature in 2011 (in Czech)

 Prof. Vyskočil - Laudatio

In the book, the types of ecosystems and their main functions are explained in an accesible form. The ecosystems are systems composed of life and inanimate compounds that are connected by metabolites, energy and information flow. The book should be required reading for thousands of people from all public areas, particularly for local and national politicians, water managers, members of agrar committees, councils and town hall officers. The book should be read also by the activists who like to fight, but not to read and think so much and therefore deccelerate or liquidate projects, essential for human survival, in the name of local survival of often common biotops and ecosystems.

(For the whole text in English, please contact the Department of Plant Experimental Biology)